April 2012
Written by Roger Harmer   
Sunday, 22 April 2012 09:07

28th April:  A quiet meeting today.  Roger ran his H class with a short goods train until it decided to run erratically.  Roger and Robin had a look at it but had to be retired for works attention later.  Robin ran his new Heljan Crompton.  He bought it last year but today was the first time he had the chance to run it.  Ron then turned Cavedale into a Great Eastern/LNER scenario and practiced shunting to demonstrate that Cavedale does what it was designed for.  Nailbourne has been invited to attend a show in November.  Joe and Robin discussed what this means in terms of work to be done, a supporting structure and transport arrangements.  Then, after tea and a run on the mainline for the Eastern freight train, they all agreed that it was far too cold to carry on and went home.


 John Regan at EK0GG. [Ross Shimmon.]

John Regan gave us an entertaining and informative talk on April 21st on the theme of painting model figures.  He showed an impressive display of figurines in various stages of sculpting and finishing.  Seventeen members were soon asking questions which John used his practical knowledge to answer. 



We imagined it would be a sparsely attended layout session on Easter Saturday (7th April) as it drizzled and the dank sank in, but once Barry had set his Merchant Navy to whisper round the circuit, people flocked in.  New member Mike arrived with the aid of a navigator.  We had a variety of stock running from a double headed “Holyhead Express” to a chimney-less 2-6-4t with MTH carriages.  David also had a Jinty on test, as Ron adjusted body height on his GER tank.  They were busy on Nailbourne, while the old curved modules were connected to let a diesel venture round from Cavedale, where the electrics were having a bad day.  We planned to have a tidy-up beneath the baseboards, as we never know what we’ll discover when we move boxes!  The day ended with a B4 plus a commandeered Maunsell coach on the inner circuit.


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March 2012
Written by Rob Moody   
Sunday, 11 March 2012 14:27

Ross got things moving at the March 10th meeting in town when he brought a holdall filled with set track, which was soon laid out on tables.  His B4 happily trundled round with mineral wagons, though the tight radius limited larger locos!  Les supplied us with shortbread biscuits while people looked at restoration projects and models in progress.  David had selected super films of steams’ run down and scrapping, followed by 1990s views around Southampton.



Unable to prolong lunch in the warm garden any longer (24th March), we uncovered the layout and began vacuuming and polishing rail.  Within a short while a B4 was out, quietly waddling around the main circuit. 


SR electric loco, 20001, was first on Cavedale, collecting a cobweb or two in the goods shed.  Nailbourne’s crew checked ballast and readied point motors.   A SR Pacific,  SR EMU, MR Flat iron with six wheelers,  speed whiskered DMU and speeding Lima 0-6-0 soon joined the tracks.  An enjoyable afternoon and start to our running season.

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February 2012
Written by Rob Moody   
Sunday, 05 February 2012 10:53

Seventeen people came to our AGM and Model Competition which finished in the dusk, beating the snow by a few hours.

There was a good selection of models on display, plus the 6 foot long Tar Works layout.  Barry’s Bulleid pacifics topped the voting for locos.  John’s Victorian coach won its class and David’s freight stock was victorious.  Mike’s timber engine shed came first in the scenic section.

With personalised buffer stops, Swiss motor baggage vans, Minnesotan grain elevators, a plethora of platelayers’ huts and several locos under construction, there was plenty to talk about.

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