Winter 2011
Written by Rob Moody   
Sunday, 20 November 2011 11:36

Fifteen of us battled it out, with bottles of Kentish beer as the prize, in Ross’ Christmas Quiz.  Despite despair and head scratching we had great fun and enjoyed the photo section.  Photos of Garth ’s layout in Australia played while mince pies  were given out.  A refurbished B4 tank trundled on a rolling road as David showed a LSWR road van in progress of soldering from Michael’s new slot-together frets.  Robin showed us a Class 33 body and fittings that he's using for an early version.  Roger and Ross are building Birdcage brakes in parallel (not a race) reporting progress by frequent e-mails.  Before we wished each other well for Christmas, we had tantalizing glimpses of Buster Keaton’s silent film ‘The General’.  [photos-Garth W]

2011 Review of the year:           March’s Celebration of our 25 Years went very well.  Old friends joined us for an impressive model display, reminiscences by Peter Hingley, cine film and photos covering the years.  The cake was cut by founder members.  Current members worked a rota of chores to keep the event moving.  We’d even got an Anniversary spread in the G0G Newsletter.  Thanks to Alastair Malcolm, the Committee, those we’ve co-opted, and to all for an enjoyable year working together. 

      We have some 30 members; including Garth Wyver in Australia, and Nigel Grant, returned from loco bashing days, 20 being regulars.  The Layout opened 15 times during the year – a whole 144 visiting.   108 attended Faversham; some lunched at the Chimney Boy before meetings.  Members represent G0G at exhibitions, and others have published articles.  We produce news sheets, contribute to the G0G Newsletter and keep a website.  We’ve tried to ensure that everyone can join in all our events.

      Nineteen attended the AGM and impressive Model Competition.  Richard Barton’s vans carried off the SECR award and the Passenger Section.  Geoff Roberts took first for freight stock.  John Minter’s freelance Victorian 0-4-4t won the loco section, just pipping Mike Perry and David Grimwood to the post.  Rob Moody’s SER lineside cabin topped the scenic section.
 November had Barry Weston sharing his loco building knowledge with 14 attentive members.  Ross Shimmon’s Christmas Quiz, with photos, had 15 of us enjoyably puzzled, the Vice Chairman narrowly winning.  Pictures of Garth’s layout played while we ate mince pies. 
 Other meetings have featured signalling, G0G films and footage from classic cinema, as well as plenty of discussion and problem solving.  Models have been shewn, items sold or exchanged, and a whole lot of coffee and biscuits served by Joe Barron and his crew.

      Whatever the climate, we can be found at the layout.  Great progress has been made.  Soon we’ll be running between the branch stations.  We begin with a picnic and chat, looking at each other’s models.  People gravitate to various projects, but lend a hand where needed.   Trains usually circle throughout our working sessions. 
      Our plastic sheeting has controlled most of the leaks, but when we’re waterproof we aim to plank the missing flooring, before installing a work bench and seating.  We also hope to reposition some lighting.  Main circuit tracks have been bonded around fishplates, mainly by Maurice Baker.  Cavedale is running reasonably well with ballasting complete and a start made on re-vamping the scenery.  The team there is led by John Plumpton and Roger Harmer.  On Nailbourne the last rails were fixed down in the expiring seconds of the season, to be celebrated by the lights going out!  David and Joe put down foam underlay, with Robin Fielding and Barry setting up a production line to ready points.  Ross Shimmon and Nigel were often on ballasting, while Ron Steward and John M. have provided signals.  We wait to see just how portable it is.

We had a splendid meeting in November as Barry Weston passed on some of his loco building knowledge.  His model in progress, a rebuilt Merchant Navy illustrated his techniques as he moved through from assembly to finishing and painting.  At each stage we took the opportunity to ask questions.  The stronger members carefully passed the boiler around the table - Barry believing in weight on a rigid chassis fitted with roller bearings, wiper pick up combined with a beefy gearbox and motor to give smooth running.   [photo-Ross S]

Three buffer stops, varying from spick and span to slightly decrepit, had been made by Ross.  Others showed a GNSR 4-4-0 project, layout photos, loco parts, a Coronation and Birdcage coach kit.

Two mini layouts are promised for February’s AGM. May 12th sees us at Faversham’s Model Railway Show, and an "At Home" is planned for a summer Saturday. 

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Autumn 2011
Written by Rob Moody   
Sunday, 18 September 2011 18:29

We'd tucked up the layout for the winter in the gloom of a misty November 5th. The Nailbourne team got their last track fixed down just as our layout season ran out and are planning for the spring.

We chatted over lunch in Faversham before our first afternoon meeting of the autumn season.  We began with signalling at Midford, in clips from an Ivo Peters film. Later we watched extracts from “Train of Events”, starring Jack Warner.   David had searched out scenes showing dozens of LMS locos simmering in the yard as others were turned in the roundhouse, LNWR saddle tanks drawing the steam breakdown crane and railway delivery carts clip-clopping past.

On a glorious autumn's day we had a dozen turn out for the late October working party.  We lingered over lunch guarding our sandwiches from Nigel's clockwork Marklin loco as it ran amok on the table top.
A huge oval smokebox on the chassis running on the inner circuit meant that Barry's Merchant Navy is taking shape.  Blue and maroon pacifics took to the outer line, to be followed by  John's Victorian trains.  Earlier in the month we'd had a small group at the layout, where they met Garth from Australia.

September saw ballasting in full swing. Over on Cavedale John P was gently tamping and dripping dilute glue, while Ross sloshed pva on Nailbourne with a palette knife. Roger’s Dungeness nuclear flask train ran with an electro-diesel at the head.

Autumn photos by Rob M

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Summer 2011
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Friday, 08 July 2011 14:45


By August’s end Nailbourne had gained its first ballasted track.  On the opposite side, an M7 was running on Cavedale while they planned buildings and scenics.  Large drawings of P tanks were poured over, and “Railrider” posters were on display for the twelve members to look at over tea..


August started with a line up of H class locos at the barn: Barry’s newly built example and those belonging to Roger and Geoff.  Geoff also ran D 2986, a Southampton Docks diesel, which a friend of mine had driven.  A Midland tank had a team advising on fitting new running gear. 

            With small terminus’ electrics proved, there is talk of a milk depot by the extended sidings. On the other side the baseboards were disconnected so that sections could be up ended for drilling location dowels. 

            Maurice, our solderer of electrical connections continued his marathon sat over the stairwell void while his Flat Iron circled with three maroon carriages.  Being marooned there, he had to be passed sustenance at tea time. 

            Robin had been to Shepherdswell earlier preparing for The East Kent Light Railway’s Gala with Ross.  We were joined by Heather and Paul, who work in Scale 7, for a good chat over tea.


 High summer and the bees are buzzing while we picnic before getting trains moving.  As running continues members continue with tasks.  A marathon of soldering has begun at Nailbourne.  Over on Cavedale a P Class tank has tested the electrics.  Once polished and hovered the main circuit has had a blue Coronation rake circling, plus a finely detailed Class C.   Robin has showed us brass castings for loco wheels and Barry’s latest chassis with tiny ball races for the axles has been admired.



Photos:  Rob - Loco exam, chassis

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