2019 Late Spring - May onwards

2019 May 18th     Saturday at Badlesmere                           Rob M

We had the kettle boiled and ready when the pub lunchers joined us from across the Lees Green.  Sarre once again ventured into the fresh air, but came inside for painting and cleaning, when the skies greyed and damp was felt.  This time Stuart provided an aged light railway carriage for photos, while John B coupled it to his green Austerity saddle tank.  Modelling was mainly confined to wagons, including one of the many Grampus p-way wagon variations.  Books and magazines were on the table, some of which were from our Bring & Buy table, as were various detailing models.  As usual, we had plenty of railway talk and updated each other on projects.


2019 May 15th     Wednesday at Badlesmere                     Rob M

Was it 53 or 58 wagons moving round our Circuit?  And all private owner liveries.  Trains had been coupled and sent off, then combined until they stretched halfway around the Test Track.  Terriers took a fair amount before giving way to a SDJR Class 3F.  Later various combinations of smaller locos struggled before rakes reduced.  We perched along the stage, spotting local names on coal wagons and protesting about petrol tankers next to locos.

At the table, bogie frames were folded, tiny bits added to wagons and buildings constructed.  Paul H assembled a signal cabin, while John H spread “plaster” onto a plasticard form ready for sculpting into stonework similar to the detailed cottage he’d brought.  Jim M sawed ply for the Diorama.  Sun hat on, Jackie led the way outside where we set out Sarre for David Ho. to photograph.  Hopefully they will appear in GOG’s projected layout plans booklet.  John P helped by wrapping himself in a white sheet… as Ross, Roger and I provided vans and wagons.  Barry W’s Class H, with parcels brake, took centre stage.

2019 May 1st      Wednesday at Badlesmere                        Rob M

Spring had sprung with sand martins swooping by, so we threw open the windows and got the Circuit set for running.  John P organised refreshments today, with Jackie and Chris M joining me helping.  John P and Jackie then got Sarre’s baseboards onto tables, and facing the light, to give the facia its first coat of varnish of the day.  Jim M and Barry brought plywood, destined for the new diorama.  Allen peered into the cardboard tubes revealing plans and drawings.  Fred C. appeared in the doorway clutching a non-running loco he’d made a while back, so we welcomed him to the table.  Paul W got busy fault finding and the 14xx’s drivers turned later, but a wobbly trailing wheel needed curing.  Nearby a 6-wheel carriage awaited a curved roof.

John B was wagon building at the modelling table, after giving his small saddle tank a run.  Steve had several items of stock.  Geoff mentioned the future of the “E&T” and saw that we’ve a couple of photos of models in the Guild News.  Jim P had brought a large LSWR tank and an Andrew Barclay 0-4-0st, a Tower Models’ kit in white primer.  The small loco wiggled around occasionally pausing at rail joints, leading Jim to attack the track with a garden scale cleaner pad.  Later we were shewn a DCC controller that mimics a modern loco's driving desk, while Chris N managed to fit a tiny video camera to the front of a loco on the Circuit. A Brighton D3, in BR livery, took a Birdcage carriage around our lines, along with a SR Mogul.