High Summer


On September 15th Nigel scaled a ladder and hacked the invading creepers, clearing the small window, daylight streaming in on twelve modellers and their trains.  Landscaping continued on Cavedale and began on Nailbourne with profiles to the tunnel end.  David had been busy since Telford, assembling the main frames and wheels of a Nelson, plus its sprung bogie.  We had lunch and tea outside in the sun.     The following Friday seven workers finished checking electrics, added platform surfaces and landscape profiles; and saw the sliding fiddle yard readied.


On September 1st we had 14 busy workers.  John B., a tram builder,  was soon deeply into electrics alongside David and Robin.  he got away at five.  Stuart tried out the footbridge and goods shed, as platform, bridge and landscape profiles took shape.  Nigel  battled the creepers as they spread inside the eves.  At Cavedale they quietly pursuing their one electrical fault.  A Royal Scot was on the circuit with a pair of Austin 7s.  We took tea on the lawn; visitor John showing us an aged loco that looked as if it should be pushing a train up a Swiss mountain.

High summer and harvest arrived on August 18th – it was sweltering. Saddle tanks were the order of the day, including one with tramway skirts fitted. Cavedale was being painted as landscape expanded. A first time visitor was soon helping to fettle baseboard joints by Nailbourne, where Robin balanced above the stairs repairing a point! Jig saws buzzed as ballast was titivated and the essential coffee mug shelf added under the control panel.

Barry got us out into fresh air under the fig tree, for very sticky biscuits and long drinks. Garth, in Australia, reported snow. He’s been busy making a level crossing keeper's cottage.

Summer 2012

Working Sessions for Nailbourne

David and Colin organised their working day and had the residents supplying them with coffee and cakes!  The electrics continued to be tested and platforms were positioned.  Ron planned a road bridge for the layout, based on one he knows and a  control panel table was made.




Alastair conducted his family round as a dozen of us beavered away, following our picnic.  Twelve locos appeared on Nailbourne to put the electrics through their paces, while a SE&CR rally at Cavedale saw 4 more and at least 7 were out on the main.  Buffer stops, cutting sides, platform edges were installed, targets set, and a good time had by all.  [Rob]

Photos by Ross & Rob: Colin watches his electric loco over new track / Aberdare & Alco locos on the mainline



Unfortunately some very sad news – Peter Hingley died recently.


Although not all present members remembered his days at the helm of EK0GG, his energy and determination was instrumental in establishing the group and achieving some ambitious plans, such as the modules for use at the Fleur De Lis which we have recently recycled for Nailbourne.

[wagon by Ross S]


 Soon after that news we were told that another founder member, John Batty, had died at the end of June.  He had served the group as treasurer and had greatly encouraged the setting up of our layout.


July 21st                       Layout Session                     


What a lot of progress has been made at layout! 


Locomotives ran between both branches and onto the main line.  On the main line more rail joints were bonded between passing trains.  Locos, mainly of SDJR ilk, began to shuttle around Nailbourne.  Landscape is spreading around the curve to Cavedale, Garth’s platelayers’ hut positioned in the cutting and platforms painted.


Out on the circuit I saw a “Schools”, a prairie drawing a GWR signalling department train, a Black Five with a coal train and a pair of B4s.      RJM


July 7th   Layout Report by Ross S.

Saturday went well.

 Thanks to Roger's help, we brought the work bench. It is now in place and it didn't fall through the floor.

Joe, Barry, Robin and I worked on Nailbourne. Robin and I tidied up the ballast. Jo and Barry, with the assistance of a tool brought in by Alastair, struggled to fit the brass dowels to line up the final board with its neighbour.

Roger, John and Stuart laid down a new surface on the platform at Cavedale. It now looks as if there has been a heavy snowfall!

Ron and Maurice ran trains on the circuit. The most fetching, I thought, was a GWR(!) breakdown train.

I was disappointed that, because I had to leave a little earlier, I didn't see Barry's S15 in action.


Early Summer & Model Show 2012


June 16th.  Layout Session

            The first of ten members arrived and picnicked with a family of spotted flycatchers nearby, before following Joe up to the layout.  Trestles were completed, baseboard frames surfaced and Nailbourne’s point motors investigated.  John ran his pannier tank and a mogul.  Barry’s King Arthur was on the other track while he organised tea and biscuits.  New acquisitions in full pre-grouping liveries for the LB&SCR and the SE&CR looked impressive on the circuit.

Photos: John Plumpton [lower] & RJM


 June 2nd. News by Roger & David


Ron’s tram engine was let it loose on the mainline after a turn on Cavedale, where he’d been cutting down a signal box to a suitable size.  Roger took a knife to some polystyrene foam for scenic work on Cavedale and then spent twice as long vacuuming up the tiny bits that such activity produces.


                 David, having brought the control panel for Nailbourne (He says the wiring is too simple to require a diagram to be drawn up. Hmmmm), moved on to wiring some of the boards with Robin.  Joe and Barry continued to construct trestle legs for when it gets taken out.  

              Barry brought the G6 to run; now with brake gear, sandboxes and beading to cab and tanks.  David had his part built GNoSR class V (or F) running as well his BR Standard 4, which awaits paint.

             All in all another good day.  


            May ended with us picnicing outside once more and "our" bees buzzing past.  Joe and Barry set up a production line of trestles below, while Roger, Stuart and Geoff achieved a major tidy above.  On one line a set of locos were being run-in prior to appearing at the Chatham Show, while MR six wheel stock was on the other.  An embryo station building for Nailbourne was on display.



Show Report & photos by Ross Shimmon:

            The exhibition organised by Shepherd Neame in the Old Brewery Store was successful. Twelve layouts were on show, ranging from N to G.  Given the location, there was a bar selling draught.      Apart from our own 'Upper Yard' by Roger and 'Tar Works' by Mike, favourites were a layout featuring both underground trains and trams and 'Hemyock' evoking the Culm Valley.

            Roger and Mike had further developing their layouts.  Much new intricate pipework has appeared on 'Tar Works', together with a “flat” towards the sector plate.  Mike's new Pug began to run in, but wouldn't operate the sound system. However, the Dingham couplings were working well. Grass, hedges and blooming bushes have made an appearance on Roger's 'Upper Yard'.  The computer-driven shunting puzzle worked well.  It showed up my deficiencies as a shunter, although Maurice B. and John M. seemed to cope.

            An amazing number of people came through the door, given the rather out-of-the-way location.  Perhaps the beer was a real attraction.  We received a lot of questions and may get some new members.