Early Summer & Model Show 2012


June 16th.  Layout Session

            The first of ten members arrived and picnicked with a family of spotted flycatchers nearby, before following Joe up to the layout.  Trestles were completed, baseboard frames surfaced and Nailbourne’s point motors investigated.  John ran his pannier tank and a mogul.  Barry’s King Arthur was on the other track while he organised tea and biscuits.  New acquisitions in full pre-grouping liveries for the LB&SCR and the SE&CR looked impressive on the circuit.

Photos: John Plumpton [lower] & RJM


 June 2nd. News by Roger & David


Ron’s tram engine was let it loose on the mainline after a turn on Cavedale, where he’d been cutting down a signal box to a suitable size.  Roger took a knife to some polystyrene foam for scenic work on Cavedale and then spent twice as long vacuuming up the tiny bits that such activity produces.


                 David, having brought the control panel for Nailbourne (He says the wiring is too simple to require a diagram to be drawn up. Hmmmm), moved on to wiring some of the boards with Robin.  Joe and Barry continued to construct trestle legs for when it gets taken out.  

              Barry brought the G6 to run; now with brake gear, sandboxes and beading to cab and tanks.  David had his part built GNoSR class V (or F) running as well his BR Standard 4, which awaits paint.

             All in all another good day.  


            May ended with us picnicing outside once more and "our" bees buzzing past.  Joe and Barry set up a production line of trestles below, while Roger, Stuart and Geoff achieved a major tidy above.  On one line a set of locos were being run-in prior to appearing at the Chatham Show, while MR six wheel stock was on the other.  An embryo station building for Nailbourne was on display.



Show Report & photos by Ross Shimmon:

            The exhibition organised by Shepherd Neame in the Old Brewery Store was successful. Twelve layouts were on show, ranging from N to G.  Given the location, there was a bar selling draught.      Apart from our own 'Upper Yard' by Roger and 'Tar Works' by Mike, favourites were a layout featuring both underground trains and trams and 'Hemyock' evoking the Culm Valley.

            Roger and Mike had further developing their layouts.  Much new intricate pipework has appeared on 'Tar Works', together with a “flat” towards the sector plate.  Mike's new Pug began to run in, but wouldn't operate the sound system. However, the Dingham couplings were working well. Grass, hedges and blooming bushes have made an appearance on Roger's 'Upper Yard'.  The computer-driven shunting puzzle worked well.  It showed up my deficiencies as a shunter, although Maurice B. and John M. seemed to cope.

            An amazing number of people came through the door, given the rather out-of-the-way location.  Perhaps the beer was a real attraction.  We received a lot of questions and may get some new members.


May 2012

Chill rain again featured on 6th  May.  Robin prepared hot drinks as Alastair demonstrated his latest invention.  Control panels, trestles, platform edges and connections were being worked on.  Various Jintys appeared on freights, plus a weathered Crab.  Ron was running a GER 2-4-2t; a type he remembers footplating.  Colin C’s shop fronts were dusted off, paint sploshed around and with houses and the refurbished signal cabin, a townscape began.  An 08 diesel shunter joined a P tank on Cavedale.  Meanwhile we used a newly donated drill to repair a window: only the roof, floor and lighting to do…

April 2012

28th April:  A quiet meeting today.  Roger ran his H class with a short goods train until it decided to run erratically.  Roger and Robin had a look at it but had to be retired for works attention later.  Robin ran his new Heljan Crompton.  He bought it last year but today was the first time he had the chance to run it.  Ron then turned Cavedale into a Great Eastern/LNER scenario and practiced shunting to demonstrate that Cavedale does what it was designed for.  Nailbourne has been invited to attend a show in November.  Joe and Robin discussed what this means in terms of work to be done, a supporting structure and transport arrangements.  Then, after tea and a run on the mainline for the Eastern freight train, they all agreed that it was far too cold to carry on and went home.


 John Regan at EK0GG. [Ross Shimmon.]

John Regan gave us an entertaining and informative talk on April 21st on the theme of painting model figures.  He showed an impressive display of figurines in various stages of sculpting and finishing.  Seventeen members were soon asking questions which John used his practical knowledge to answer. 



We imagined it would be a sparsely attended layout session on Easter Saturday (7th April) as it drizzled and the dank sank in, but once Barry had set his Merchant Navy to whisper round the circuit, people flocked in.  New member Mike arrived with the aid of a navigator.  We had a variety of stock running from a double headed “Holyhead Express” to a chimney-less 2-6-4t with MTH carriages.  David also had a Jinty on test, as Ron adjusted body height on his GER tank.  They were busy on Nailbourne, while the old curved modules were connected to let a diesel venture round from Cavedale, where the electrics were having a bad day.  We planned to have a tidy-up beneath the baseboards, as we never know what we’ll discover when we move boxes!  The day ended with a B4 plus a commandeered Maunsell coach on the inner circuit.