EKOGG has an exhibition layout, "Edington Junction" and two rapidly progressing projects; "The Circuit" and "Sarre".

"Sarre" is being readied to go on exhibition in April.

"The Circuit" - The first track is in use on the beautifully sweeping set of baseboards.  The second track was completed in March, and the layout may be extended in future years.

Our exhibition layout is "Edington Junction", a country junction from the Somerset Levels. At exhibitions it is sometimes run as SDJR, but may appear in Southern guise.

The baseboards are frequently set out at Badlesmere to allow us to run a variety of stock, as well as for maintenance.

"Sarre"- A fictional light railway terminus with a strong Kentish flavour is taking shape, using recycled modular baseboards.

The planning stage on "Sarre", with John Plumpton, David Hopkins and Dr Ron Steward.

Old layouts:

Previously we had a country terminus "Cavedale", linked to our 90' circuit via the "Nailbourne" branch.