In the light of the Government’s statement about numbers of people permitted to be together in this phase of the Covid 19 outbreak, there will be no EKOGG sessions for the remainder of September at least.

Advice may well change again in the next weeks.  Those who run Badlesmere Hall, and keep it safe for us, will have time to consider how they’d like to act.

Obviously, this is a great disappointment and we are loath to cease sessions, especially after our latest enjoyable, and safe, gatherings.  However, we’re receiving ideas from some members and plan to continue in some form as soon as possible.

Do keep in touch with us.  Keep sending your news and photos to David for our Newsletter, or via me where I can include them as part of our GOG News reports.  Should you wish to exchange information with other members who use our WhatsApp site then contact me.

I hope we’ll see each other soon, and that you and your families are well.           Rob M 

(Face coverings must be worn in the hall.  You will have to decide if it is safe for you to attend, considering infection rates in Kent, who you have been in contact with, and who you’ll be near afterwards.)  

For the foreseeable future all meetings will be at Badlesmere.    * Polo and sweat shirts are ready for collection.  Prices: £18.50 and £20. 

Photos by: Chris M, Ross S, Richard B, Tim S & RM 

See our News page to find out what we've been doing at home and at meetings. Look into our latest Gallery album for photos of our projects.

Our monthly newsletter continues to be sent to all members by post and email.

Some members are in our WhatsApp chat group, reporting on and sharing photos of their modelling projects.  Contact me if you wish to be added to this group. Rob M 

East Kent 0 Gauge Group has meetings in Badlesmere just outside Faversham and sometimes in the town centre.

Founded in 1986, we model a variety of railways in 7mm scale. 

We have three sessions a month at Badlesmere, just outside of Faversham, and occasional meetings in the Faversham's centre.  These are from mid-morning until mid-afternoon meetings on Wednesdays or Saturdays.  Members usually bring picnic lunches or meet at local inns beforehand. 

Members have a wide range of interests from Victorian trains, through US and Continental, to modern British railways, pooling their expertise to forward our projects and to help at exhibitions.

We have our test circuit and a layout running during meetings, alongside our modelling tables, where we work on group and home projects. We exhibit two layouts: "Edington Junction" and "Sarre".  (You may have seen us in the January 2018 issue of BRM, as well as numerous editions of The O Gauge Guild Gazette.)

Whether a railway historian, maker of line-side buildings, collector, novice modeller or seasoned scratch-builder you would be welcome in our group. Our monthly newsletter, in both paper and email forms, keeps all members informed.


Look at our Gallery on this website for photos of our layouts, models and meetings.  There are also photos of model shows and our members' travels.  The News pages contain items and pictures covering many years, where you may find mention of friends and family.  Do browse.

EK0GG named sales items available include: Mugs with our logo and your name or suitable phrase; polo shirts and sweatshirts in french blue with both logo and group name.

Look out for our banner at events and have a chat.  We will be at Temple Ewell, near Dover, on November 14th. 

Photos by: Roger H., Ross S., Tim S. & Rob M.



Secretary: David Grimwood / Treasurer: Roger Harmer / Chairman: Rob Moody + Ross Shimmon & Paul Weeden