The Warley Weekend – 25-27 November 2023

Set up completed.

Having packed up Edington on the previous Wednesday we loaded it into the van and set off on Friday for the NEC before 10.00am arriving at our allotted time of 2 pm. Once there we quickly identified our pitch, As soon as Martin had driven the van into the hall, we unloaded Edington and set …

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Saturday 18 November 2023

John M's 4-4-2T at the head of vintage train

With so many people having other commitments today only six people turned up at Badlesmere to run their oldest models but what a most enjoyable afternoon we had.David Ho quickly provided us with teas and coffees as we set up the circuit and unpacked our various models. I brought out my R Class built by …

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Wednesday 15 November 2023

KESR Terrier No.3 'Bodiam' Ross S

Today our focus on the circuit was on Brake Vans except that it wasn’t. With everything else that was going on there really wasn’t room to put the circuit up and so over lunch wedecided to hold the focus on Brake Vans over until the meeting on 6 December.With 21 members in attendance seats around …

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Gravesend Model Railway Show-4/5 November 2023

Tar works.

Owing to the horrid weather, the attendance on Saturday could have been much better.However, Sunday was much, much better. People were really interested in all three layouts provided by EKOGG members,Mike excelled as front of house with his Tar Works layout.Mike celebrated his birthday at the show, with a cake brought along by his wife …

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Wednesday 1 November 2023

Tar Works 0-4-0 crane tank 'Sue'

Today we ran on the circuit some of the entries from our Annual Modelling Competition held on the previous Saturday. Fred ran his coaches and wagons as well as a heavily weathered Jinty and a Crab which he had recently acquired but which will require some attention before running properly. Later Geoff and Dave B …

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Saturday 28 October 2023

MR 2-2-2 'Spinner' John M

Today was our Annual Modelling Competition which attracted many fine models made by EKOGG members. After a prolonged and considered viewing session voting slips were handed out and we got down to the serious business of voting for our favourite models.Once the slips were in and counted it fell to me to announce the winners.First …

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Wednesday 18 October 2023

BR 4-6-2 70014 'Iron Duke' John D

A good crowd ventured to the hall today, despite warnings of storms. The circuit was in demand, but unfortunately developed a fault which prevented running on one line. A shame as John D had assembled an impressive rake of red and cream contemporary tinplate coaches behind a shining Ace Trains Britannia on the other line. …

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Wednesday 4 October 2023

NCB Sentinel 0-4-0VBT-Maude 14

As agreed at a previous meeting, there was a change to the advertised programme with today’s theme on the circuit now being East of England and Scotland stock. Paul W ran a proper train of five coaches hauled by his Class 37 and later Steve ran his Class 52. A number of Sentinels appeared and …

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Saturday 23 September 2023


Tim gave his talk entitled “An introduction to Narrow Gauge” and told us that his primary interest was in industrial narrow-gauge railways although of course there are numerous passenger lines to model if you wish. Narrow gauge modelling in 7mm scale covers a number of different gauges including O9, O16.5, On2 and On30.Tim has built …

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Wednesday 20 September 2023

Inside the Creosote Works

This week’s theme on the circuit was LSWR stock. David B ran Terrier in LSWR livery along with some very nice four- and six-wheel coaches. David Gr ran an Adams G6 0-6-0 tank and a couple of other locos. Going off piste John B ran an ex-Manchester Ship Canal Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 tank and Geoff …

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Faversham Show 9/10 September 2023

A goods working on Edington

, David Gr, Martin, Paul W and Tim exhibited Edington Junction at the Faversham show.We were pleased to see EKOGG members visiting the show. We were also pleased that our location was air-conditioned, unlike the main hall. The weekend enabled the operating team to gain valuable experience and the stock to be put through its …

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Wednesday 6 September 2023

Queen Charlotte overbridge

Following Guildex at the weekend the circuit was set up with the idea of running LBSC stock and items bought at Stafford. Unfortunately, with neither Bill nor Ross in attendance there were little if any LBSC participants, However Geoff ran a pair of maroon Mk 1 coaches he had acquired at Guildex behind a pannier …

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Saturday 26 August 2023

Queen Charlotte track plan on the boards.

While the Queen Charlotte Dock team set up the boards on trestles and started laying sleepers, the rest of those assembled sat around the big table and showed off some of the projects they currently have on the go.David Gr brought in a Modern Outlines Kit of an Ivatt 4F he is building together with …

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Queen Charlotte Dock progress report

Queen Charlotte bridge over lower track.

This month has seen the following:- Templot track plans were produced as continuous rolls during July by a local printer.These have now been glued down to both High- and Low-Level boards. This has not been problem free. The first attempt, using PVA as the adhesive, resulted in cockling and distortion of the plan. Discussions with …

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Wednesday 16 August 2023

John P applying glue

It was another busy day with work going on both inside and outside the hall. The circuit was set up and coaching stock (today’s theme) ranging from pre-grouping through to BR was soon seen running round. Amongst other participants David G ran his BR four-car suburban set, with working lighting, which was later pulled round …

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Wednesday 2 August 2023

Earnest discussions

Today we were allegedly focussing on SECR on the circuit. However, as soon as the circuit was set up, some interlopers with tapered boilers from west of London appeared in the shape of Kings and Castles and even a large diesel turned up. Later on David Ho ran a Southern Railway Q1 class and Geoff …

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Wednesday 26 July 2023

The micro layout

David, Tim and I set up and worked on the baseboards for Queen Charlotte Dock while Paul took the opportunity to carry out some further maintenance on Edington.With the QCD boards set up we were able to agree the final position of the warehouse in relation to the bridge and to decide what other buildings …

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Open Day 2023

Open Day entrance with John D ready to welcome visitors

Having been able to set everything up at our preceding meeting on Wednesday and leave them in place we began to arrive from 9.00am onwards to add stock to the layouts and display stands and make any final adjustments to the hall layout. As last year David Ho set up the car parking signs outside …

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Wednesday 19 July 2023

New layout in progress.

Today we focussed on getting everything ready for our Open Day this coming Saturday.Edington was set up and while David G populated the layout with his stock and tested itssmooth running, Paul W and Barry beavered away checking the electrics.August 2023Newsletter Page 2 of 4 David Ho got the micro-layout out and worked on the …

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Wednesday 5 July 2023


Today was a free day on the Circuit with no particular focus so people ran whatever they wanted. Many diesels were in evidence including Fred’s Warship Class which after some initial coaxing fairly raced around. Sean ran his Class 33, Steve ran his Class 25 and David G ran his 4COR set. Steam appeared in …

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