Wednesday 1 May 2024

PO wagon Tickle So'ton Rob M

It was a very busy day at Badlesmere with lots going on. John B and Paul H both continued working on their buildings while David Ho and Roger swapped notes and worked on their respective Class 33 Diesels.Meanwhile on QCD Bill and Nick carried on working on the dockside surface and Fred applied paint to […]

Saturday 27 April 2024

BR Class 56 and cement wagos awaiting turn on circuit Roger

As requested by various members, not least at the AGM, today was a running day on the circuit for those members who find it difficult to come to the Wednesday meetings.Unfortunately, none of those members turned up so the rest of us had the circuit to ourselves.We’ll persevere and have another running day on the […]

Wednesday 17 April 2024

J94 No.6 'Foxhunter' Geoff R

We arrived to find that part of the stage had been removed and the area thus released now storing the tables and chairs. This appears to be a permanent move and certainly makes the hall feel more spacious.Once the circuit was set up Rob ran his favourite loco of the day, an Adams Radial Tank.This […]

Wednesday 3 April 2024

240407 LNER A2 Highland Chieftain front end Graham

Today’s focus on the circuit was 1950’s BR. Roger ran his ex SECR O1 hauling a long goods train. This struggled a bit due to the weight of the several coal wagons in the train but once these were taken out the O1 coped very well. The coal wagons were then made up into another […]

Saturday 23 March 2024


Today’s entertainment was kindly provided by Ross who gave a very interesting multi-media presentation on the Isle of Wight line from Ryde Pier Head to Ventnor. Ross’s talk included still photographs from the late fifties and early sixties together with a sound recording and reminisces of a trip Ross had taken over the line in […]

Wednesday 20 March 2024

LNER A5 4-6-2T Graham

In a surprising outbreak of Spring sunshine sixteen of us forsook our gardening duties to play trains at Badlesmere. After the circuit was set up Paul H ran his GWR Class 2800 2-8-0 hauling a mixed freight train and Fred ran his GWR saddle tank. Ross then gave his Fowler 0-4-0 diesel shunter a turn […]

Bob Fridd’s funeral

Bob Fridd

Several EKOGG members were in the large crowd at Bob Fridd’s funeral at Barham crematorium on 14th March. The celebrant was our very own Fr Jack,  who was able to give a suitable eulogy, quoting from several tributes from family and friends. John Minter kindly gave me a lift there and back via the reception at […]

Wednesday 6 March 2024

Ross's LBSCR Terrier 0-6-0T No. 40 'Brighton'

Today’s theme on the circuit was “Latest Acquisitions”. Both David L and Jack F had recently acquired Dapol Sentinel shunters, these were DCC and DC respectively. Both Sentinels were given a running in and performed admirably. Ross ran his Terrier with a short train and later Bill ran his LSWR O2 and train. Amongst other […]

Annual General Meeting

AGM committee

A) Chairman’s Report: Chris noted that the hall rent had risen from £30 a meeting to £44, and electricity charges were expected to rise. He thanked the Secretary and Treasurer, and Paul W and Barry K for their work. A question was asked about the number of paid up members, the answer was 34 (including […]

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Roger H's ARC class59 59013

Ian Earl, the hall booking manager, popped in to exchange our old heating cards for new contact less ones to be used on the new meter that has recently been installed. A point to bear in mind is that the new cards are not to be thrown away once used as they need to be […]

Wednesday 7 February 2024

EKOGG 240207 Andrew Barclay 0-4-0T Geoff R

Today at Badlesmere we had a very full running session with some very interesting locos and stock taking a turn or two on the circuit. Fred kicked it all off running his Castle followed by a J94 and then an experimental LMS diesel shunter. Rob ran a short train of a milk tanker and panelled […]

Erith MR Show 27-28 January 2024


We had the full team (David L, Tim, me, Bill and Martin) out on both days as we took the  layout to the Longfield show. We were tucked away in a corner next to the EKOGG stand  which was manned by Roger who gave out EKOGG leaflets and told everybody what a  wonderful bunch we […]

Wednesday 17 January 2024

One cold kitchen

We arrived at Badlesmere on a freezing cold day to find icicles hanging from the taps in  the kitchen.   As everyone knows a steady supply of tea and/or coffee is an essential prerequisite of railway modelling. Luckily David Ho quickly sprang into action and slowly defrosted the  taps allowing kettles to be boiled and teas and coffees to be served […]

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Agricultural machinery roped on open wagon

Shaking off the excesses of the festive season we set up the circuit where we had no set theme for the day. However, it quickly became apparent that the theme of the day was to be Great Western based. Fred ran a King, King George III, two Castles, Dartmouth Castle and Earl of Dartmouth and […]

Maidstone MR Show 29-30 December 2023

WIP Queen Charlotte Dock

The Queen Charlotte Dock operating team of David L, Tim, me, Bill (on Friday) and Martin (on Saturday) took the layout to the Maidstone show for its maiden outing.Once set up and after sorting out one or two teething problems we quickly established an operational modus operandi for the upper level. This always involved two […]

Wednesday 20 December 2023

Santa Special Tenterden 2023

In eager anticipation of today’s proceedings, we all quickly assembled in the hall, and as tables and chairs were set out and David Ho provided us all with the cup that cheers, Tim and Sean set up the big screen on a table backing onto the windows so as not to let any light from […]

Wednesday 6 December 2023

Brake van focus on the circuit

Today our focus on the circuit was on Brake Vans which had been held over from our meeting on 15 November. Roger set up a train hauled by a D33 I think which trundled round the circuit with nearly 20 brake vans in their various guises.David Gr reported on our successful participation in the Warley […]

The Warley Weekend – 25-27 November 2023

Set up completed.

Having packed up Edington on the previous Wednesday we loaded it into the van and set off on Friday for the NEC before 10.00am arriving at our allotted time of 2 pm. Once there we quickly identified our pitch, As soon as Martin had driven the van into the hall, we unloaded Edington and set […]

Saturday 18 November 2023

John M's 4-4-2T at the head of vintage train

With so many people having other commitments today only six people turned up at Badlesmere to run their oldest models but what a most enjoyable afternoon we had.David Ho quickly provided us with teas and coffees as we set up the circuit and unpacked our various models. I brought out my R Class built by […]

Wednesday 15 November 2023

KESR Terrier No.3 'Bodiam' Ross S

Today our focus on the circuit was on Brake Vans except that it wasn’t. With everything else that was going on there really wasn’t room to put the circuit up and so over lunch wedecided to hold the focus on Brake Vans over until the meeting on 6 December.With 21 members in attendance seats around […]