Next meeting  - December 1st  -  Wednesday   10.30 until 14.30  -  Meeting  with Circuit running.

We keep the hall well ventilated.  Sanitiser available.  Members bring facemasks.  Bring your drinks and maybe a picnic.

*Badlesmere Village Hall is our venue for Modelling Sessions, Layout Running and Talks -  The hall is on the north side of the Badlesmere Lees Green, midway between Faversham and Ashford.  The hall is 200 yards from the main road.

We meet during the day on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, plus 4th Saturdays.  *Times differ between the days of meetings: Week days 10.30 until 14.30 and Saturdays  14.00 until 16.45    #Members need to bring a picnic lunch and drink, or book a place at the Red Lion Inn.  

Buses - Stagecoach  666 from Faversham and Ashford railway stations. *Check for times: Weekdays are mainly hourly, but Saturday buses may differ.

By car: #From Faversham its dirt track, following the green's side, is to the left as the A251 bends into the village.      #From Ashford / Challock as the A251 passes Red Lion Inn the green is on your right, so turn right just before the bend. 

Future meetings:


December 15th  -  Wednesday   10.30 until 14.30  -  'Christmas' Meeting: Quiz at 11.00 then lunch at the Red Lion.  Booking essential.

2022  -  January 19th  -  Wednesday   10.30 until 14.30  -  Circuit Running  -  Theme bogie diesels & models built or received over Christmas.  Your modelling.

January 22nd  -  Saturday  14.00 until 16.30  -  Annual General Meeting   -   Show & Tell session for your models of every interests.

Measures we need to take to ensure everyone’s safety:

Members will attend at their own risk.  All must wear a face covering in the hall.

On arrival, use the hand sanitiser provided.  Social distancing should be maintained.  All doors and windows must be open, to keep air flowing through the hall. 

You will need to bring your own drinks, food and crockery.  The kitchen will be closed.

All toilets will be available for use, and the  outer doors will be kept open to allow access for washing with hot water.  Please check that a toilet is vacant before going along the corridors, to avoid meeting anyone there.  The urinals must not be used.

Put a removed mask in a plastic bag to cut down the surfaces you will need to sanitise, or leave the mask hanging from an ear.  Cleaning materials are supplied but you may bring your own for your bench.  The hall is thoroughly cleaned between sessions by the village hall committee.  Those attending will set out the hall and clean away at the end.  Before handling or touching anything, such as the controllers for the layout, use the hand sanitiser available.  Use a disinfectant wipe to clean controllers and your area when you leave them.

Please pay the £3 meeting fee with the exact coins, to avoid the need for handling the tin or its contents.  A 'manager' will sign you in.

Chairs and tables will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing, sitting along one side allowing room for modelling and conversation.  Do make room for others to pass worktables or layouts.  Access to the store will be limited to one person, nominated by the ‘manager’.  Only that person may enter the store and take out or put away equipment.

A session, a ‘manager’ (normally a Committee member) will oversee arrangements, ensure that we keep the guidelines and deal with any problems.  This guidance must be followed.

If someone present feels ill or shows virus symptoms, there is a routine that will be implemented immediately by the ‘manager’ to maintain everyone’s safety. Better still, stay at home if you are not feeling well.  

See us in GOG Gazette's News Section too. 

[Photos: Tim S. & Rob M.]