Edington Junction

This layout has now been retired and sold. It has been delivered to its new owner.

We will keep our photos as a record of how it looked and some of the shows where it was exhibited.


Our original exhibition layout is “Edington Junction“, a country junction from the Somerset Levels.

At exhibitions it usually runs as SDJR, but may appear in Southern guise. 

All members of our group were involved in making this layout which has hand-built trackwork. 

Articles on this layout can be found in several issues of the GOG Gazette and in BRM.

Edington Junction at the NEC Warley show November 2023 showing the layout after setting up and also when the show was open to the public.


In 2014, we decided to build an exhibition layout and coincidentally received two invitations to exhibitions celebrating the Somerset & Dorset railway’s closure anniversary.

With everyone lending a hand, we completed the layout within 18 months from start to finish, designed to suit any period from World War 1 to BR (Southern) Southern).

The layout more or less survived ok for two years in our store, and the odd fault is repaired as it occurs despite being based on an actual prototype, the layout presents some intriguing challenges, including trains leaving simultaneously in the same direction.

Receiving the baseboards donated by the beekeeper at Wildwood saved time!

Many of us learned new skills in building track, buildings, signals, and experience in operating at over a dozen exhibitions across the country not bad, as originally, we had nowhere to erect and test the whole layout.

It has developed over the years, with traversers replacing the sector plates for the fiddle yards and permanent magnets replacing the electromagnets for working Dingham couplings.

Its baseboards are frequently set out at Badlesmere to allow us to run a variety of stock, as well as for maintenance.

Looking back over 9 years of Edington.

Beginning with donated boards from the beekeeper at Wildwood, more than a dozen EKOGG members developed Edington into the group’s first exhibition layout with handmade track, scratch-built buildings, working signals, all closely reflecting the original station. The layout was exhibited at Edington, Wells, Wigan, Doncaster and Warley, and locally at Bromley, Beckenham, Bexhill, Faversham (twice), Chatham, Elham, Folkestone, Longfield, Tonbridge and Tenterden since late 2015. It also appeared as a leading feature in December 2017 in BRM.

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