Saturday 18 November 2023

With so many people having other commitments today only six people turned up at Badlesmere to run their oldest models but what a most enjoyable afternoon we had.
David Ho quickly provided us with teas and coffees as we set up the circuit and unpacked our various models. I brought out my R Class built by Bob Fridd in 1992 and seen several times before on the circuit. Bassett Lowke was well represented with David Ho running a Class 20 Diesel and three tinplate vans and later a Class 33 diesel pulling five coaches.

Not to be outdone John D then ran his Bassett Lowke rebuilt Royal Scot “Royal Scot” pulling three coaches.
Ross brought in a beautifully
painted 0-6-0 LMS tank of unknown origins but possibly by Leeds Model
Company. This loco hadn’t run for many years and was reluctant to do so today.

However, after inspection and a bit of scraping dirt off the wheels it was agreed that with a bit of servicing the loco should prove to be a nice little mover. Ross also brought in a Hornby Dublo West Country “Barnstable” for us to see.

As I remember the kids with well off parents had Hornby while the rest of us had Tri-ang.

Finally winning the prize for both the oldest model and the oldest prototype was John M with his 1877 S&DJR Johnson 0-4-4 which he had started building when at school.

John ran this superb looking loco pulling three coaches and a brake van from the same era.
John also brought along a long boiler 0-6-0 saddle tank and a GNSR K Class 4-4-0.
So, all in all, a really interesting and enjoyable afternoon. Chris

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