Wednesday 17th January 2024

We arrived at Badlesmere on a freezing cold day to find icicles hanging from the taps in  the kitchen.  

One cold kitchen

As everyone knows a steady supply of tea and/or coffee is an essential prerequisite of railway modelling. Luckily David Ho quickly sprang into action and slowly defrosted the  taps allowing kettles to be boiled and teas and coffees to be served up. We also discovered that the sloping flooring next to the windows had been replaced by the Hall Management team with a nice new level floor thus ensuring that our locos will not have to struggle up the hill anymore from that side of the building. Some of the old flooring has kindly been made available to us to add much needed further shelving in our storage area. David Ho set about this task with gusto and his jigsaw and will complete the work in March on his return from holiday.  We were scheduled to have a running session on the circuit today but unfortunately Fred was the only one to bring anything in to run so the circuit stayed in the storeroom. Sorry about that Fred. The various Queen Charlotte Dock baseboards were brought in and reviewed by the team taking the layout to the Longfield show next week. Over lunch I read out the usual notices, and in the clamour to take over David Ho’s catering duties until his return, Bill successfully overcame stiff competition to take on this important role. 

Finally with the weather remaining cold and grey people soon drifted away and headed off home. Chris

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