Our new station, to be inserted into the Circuit, will be based on an LCDR example.  The buildings should closely follow those pictured by Paul W at Lenham, but set in the early 1950s. appeared in Kent.  

The new station’s baseboard sections are ready.  Paul W and his gofers attached the final folding leg on July 7th, then joined that section with the previous pair.  The three sections seem light and certainly were easy to disassemble and stow away.  Great progress.  You’ll be able to assist with getting the track plan and under ballast down at our next meetings.

EKOGG has two exhibition layouts, "Edington Junction" and "Sarre", plus  "The Circuit", our test track.  Our latest project is a "North Kent Station" to slot into our Circuit.

Our original exhibition layout is "Edington Junction", a country junction from the Somerset Levels. At exhibitions it usually runs as SDJR, but may appear in Southern guise.  All members of our group were involved in making this layout which has hand-built trackwork.  Articles on this layout can be found in several issues of the GOG Gazette and in BRM.


Its baseboards are frequently set out at Badlesmere to allow us to run a variety of stock, as well as for maintenance.

"Sarre" is a fictional light railway in East Kent, which owes a great deal to the Colonel Stephens lines.It took shape, using recycled modular baseboards and track.


"The Circuit" uses a sweeping set of baseboards.  Its tracks, completed in March 2018, can be used for both dc and DCC.  This layout may be extended in the future.  

As well as our Group Layouts, many members' home layouts can be seen in our Gallery pages.  Chris M has begun a layout based on Margate Sands station in Edwardian days.

2020 / 2021 -  At this time our members are working on their home layouts. David Ho. is constructing this station, with the platform foundations ready. 

[photos: Chris M, David Ho. & Rob M] 

Old layouts:

Previously, when we shared a barn, we had a country terminus "Cavedale", linked to our 90' circuit via the "Nailbourne" branch.  Prior to that, in the group's early years, modules which could be connected in a variety of ways were constructed and used at exhibitions and meetings.

International and historic trains sharing the Barn Circuit.

Allan Ketley's gleaming GWR train sweeps around the Barn Circuit.