Saturday 23rd April 2022

This was yet another very interesting Saturday Skills session with Roger giving an excellent talk on applying transfers.

Through his power point presentation Roger explained the different types of transfers commercially available and listed the various producers from whom they are available.

He also referred to Fred’s article in our May 2021 newsletter on the subject of making your own transfers.

Roger went on to explain the different methods of affixing each type of transfer and how it was best to fix them to a gloss varnish base before giving them and the model a coat of matt varnish once the transfers were firmly set in order to protect them.

Roger had brought along several of his own models to show and talked about the transfers he had used on them and how they had been fixed.

There was then a general discussion about other people’s experiences with different transfer types and the use of softening agents such as Micro Sol to enable transfers to fit better over bumpy surfaces such as wagons sides.

Roger pointed out that while some manufacturers were happy for such products to be used on their transfers some such as
HMRS specifically warned against using them so the moral of the story is to check the manufacturer’s instructions before using them.

Fred had also brought in some of his transfer work to show and had some sheets of transfers that he had made up.
Following Roger’s talk some members began working on fixing transfers to their own models under Roger’s guidance .

Jackie had brought in his GWR brake van, John D a BR saddle tank and David Ho a cattle truck.

Although time was limited a useful start was made on all three models before we had to pack up and head off home.


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