Seminar on the magic of DCC led by Barry King

Today’s Skills session was on the subject of DCC. Barry explained the concept of DCC and how he had used it on his own layout at home. While the locomotives were controlled through the hand held throttle the points and signals were controlled via a mimic panel which enabled him to operate them by the touch of a button. Barry went on to talk about different types of decoders and expressed his preference for a 21 pin decoder which gave control over more functions than the more basic ones.

Barry had brought along his Class 67 diesel which he had fitted with a ESU V5.0 sound decoder and working lights. Barry proceeded to demonstrate the DCC functions of this impressive locomotive and explained how they could be varied according to one’s own preference. He also said that f unction numbers can be changed in order to maintain consistent function numbers across a fleet of locomotives. Throughout Barry answered questions from those present and later placed Tim’s Dapol London Transport pannier tank on the rolling road and demonstrated the various steam engine functions available on this locomotive. After further questions and explanations Barry was thanked for giving us a very interesting and informative talk. We then regrouped around the big table for further chat and a final cup of tea or coffee before eventually drifting off home. Chris M

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