Summer 2011

By August’s end Nailbourne had gained its first ballasted track.  On the opposite side, an M7 was running on Cavedale while they planned buildings and scenics.  Large drawings of P tanks were poured over, and “Railrider” posters were on display for the twelve members to look at over tea..

August started with a line up of H class locos at the barn: Barry’s newly built example and those belonging to Roger and Geoff.  Geoff also ran D 2986, a Southampton Docks diesel, which a friend of mine had driven.  A Midland tank had a team advising on fitting new running gear. 

            With small terminus’ electrics proved, there is talk of a milk depot by the extended sidings. On the other side the baseboards were disconnected so that sections could be up ended for drilling location dowels. 

            Maurice, our solderer of electrical connections continued his marathon sat over the stairwell void while his Flat Iron circled with three maroon carriages.  Being marooned there, he had to be passed sustenance at tea time. 

            Robin had been to Shepherdswell earlier preparing for The East Kent Light Railway’s Gala with Ross.  We were joined by Heather and Paul, who work in Scale 7, for a good chat over tea.

 High summer and the bees are buzzing while we picnic before getting trains moving.  As running continues members continue with tasks.  A marathon of soldering has begun at Nailbourne.  Over on Cavedale a P Class tank has tested the electrics.  Once polished and hovered the main circuit has had a blue Coronation rake circling, plus a finely detailed Class C.   Robin has showed us brass castings for loco wheels and Barry’s latest chassis with tiny ball races for the axles has been admired.

Photos:  Rob – Loco exam, chassis

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