Wednesday 19 October 2022

The focus today was on Sarre and industrial locos. Bill, Fred, Ross, Steve and others all brought in locos to run. Geoff brought in fourteen (!) industrial locos but that was just showing off. Ross also brought in a large number of wagons for sale which were soon snapped up.

John P put the kettle on and provided everyone with teas and coffees and after setting up Sarre various activities continued. Tim and John P re-visited first principles and discussed the way forward on the micro-layout; the usual crew untroubled initially by the attentions of the Permanent Way Supervisor carried on with track laying on Lenham and demolition of
the biscuit supply took place around the big table.
As all this was going on the paparazzi in the form of Ross crept around and took sneaky photos of people while they weren’t looking.
Over lunch I pointed out some changes to forthcoming meetings (see below or you’ll turn up on the wrong day).

Our meeting on 26th November is cancelled as this is the day of the Guildford show. It was suggested that we hire a coach to take all those who wish to go to this event and Geoff is to find out the cost so that a decision can be made.

To replace this meeting, we will hold a meeting on Saturday 3rd December at the usual time of 2.00pm.
The subject for this meeting will be “Problem Models”. Bring in any model that you are having problems with and we will all sit around and offer hopefully helpful solutions to the problem.
Roger referred back to the two forthcoming shows we will be attending in November at Gravesend on the 5th and 6th and at Ashford on the 19th and 20th.

Roger sought confirmation of the attendees for both of these shows, as his computer had sent the list he’d previously taken of those who had volunteered off into some black hole.
Prior to the pandemic we had been invited to take Edington to the Warley show in 2020.
Warley have now confirmed that they would like to have Edington at their show in 2023.
This will be a big commitment for us but we have a team of five possibly six members to take Edington to this prestigious show.

If anybody feels they would like to join the team for this event please let David G or me know.
Tim told us about his recent experiences travelling on the German railway system where the trains run on time and you can get a 9€ ticket that will take you anywhere by bus, tram or train for three months.

Sounds like fantasy land so I don’t know whether he had dreamt this or was just making it up.
As we packed up at the end of the day, we again left out all our electrical equipment out for PAT testing which is still outstanding but will hopefully be undertaken before our meeting on Saturday. Chris M

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Normal running session
Saturday, May 25th, 2024
2.00 - 5.00
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GOG show at Kempton Park
Saturday, June 1st, 2024
10.00 - 4.00
Focus on pre 1960’s freight
Wednesday, June 5th, 2024
10.30 - 2.30
Focus on tank engines + open day discussion
Wednesday, June 19th, 2024
10.30 - 2.30

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