Wednesday 2 August 2023

Today we were allegedly focussing on SECR on the circuit. However, as soon as the circuit was set up, some interlopers with tapered boilers from west of London appeared in the shape of Kings and Castles and even a large diesel turned up. Later on David Ho ran a Southern Railway Q1 class and Geoff ran a pretty little Selsey tank and a Victory tank.

To redress the balance Nick ran his H class with two coaches and I ran mine pulling a selection of SECR D ended wagons. Unfortunately, my H class shed a connecting rod and was quickly replaced by a P class and then by an R1. Not to be outdone Sean then ran his industrial tank which also shed a connecting rod. Coincidence or maybe we were running them the wrong way round the circuit?

The Queen Charlotte Dock baseboards having been set up we took the final measurements for fitting the bridge and for finalising laying the cork underlay. Later on consideration was given to the method to be employed for operating points and plans were made for the next stage of works.

Over lunch I thanked everybody for helping to make Open Day a successful and enjoyable event and introduced our new member Nick Taylor who had joined us on the day. Geoff reported that it was intended to resurrect the Model Railway Exhibition at Chatham Dockyard.

This has not been held now for several years but had always been a very good show and well worth attending so we look forward to hearing more about that.
As always, David Ho, our chaiwallah, kept us fully supplied with teas and coffees until it was time to head off home in the rain completely guilt free of not having spent the time in the garden. Chris

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