Wednesday 19 April 2023

After quickly setting up the circuit we all settled down to what was a very productive meeting. Paul K and Barry K spent the day wiring up the track work on Lenham which is now starting to look very impressive. David L, Tim and I continued planning the new dockside layout. I produced a life-sized draft plan which we spread across two tables and David L tabled a project plan detailing the various tasks to be undertaken and their expected completion dates. These will be spread over the summer months and run in parallel as far as possible in order to ensure completion in time to enable us to meet our
commitment to show the new layout at the Gravesend show in November. Various people discussed and offered opinions (mainly positive thankfully) on the new layout. Building the layout will require input and assistance from a number of club
members in order to meet our timeline. Several people have already been asked to help out in building the new layout – if you haven’t been asked yet, don’t worry you will be.

Today’s theme was “eccentric or unique vehicles”. Geoff brought in a very interesting ash shifter together with a couple of Sentinels, Ross brought in a mock-up of a Manchester Ship Canal tipper wagon on a model of the original Rother Valley Railway track work on half round sleepers but the star of the show was Roger’s very curious Alstom Autoloc 400
diesel loco built in Sweden but apparently running in the UK and Europe.

On the circuit Fred ran his David Andrews kit LMS Jubilee Class “Frobisher” while Rob, Bill and others ran the stock they had brought in. On the big table Jackie was helped in building his three-plank wagon and Roger worked on a model of an SE&CR line side building from Rye.

Over lunch we heard that we had received a last-minute request to exhibit Sarre or similar at Robertsbridge on 27th and 28th of May but having now sold it and not having another suitable layout at the moment we would have to decline. We have also received a request to exhibit our new layout at Longfield next year which we hope to do if the build proceeds
as planned. Finally in David H’s absence our chaiwallahs for the day were Bill and Tim for which much thanks. Chris

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Normal running session
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2.00 - 5.00
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